Jax Myers

Project Manager / Wellington

Jax has a broad industry experience which includes a mix of Studio, Account and Project Management. This included a role as Studio Manager for the design team at Discovery Channel in London. In other previous roles, Jax has worked across a variety of mediums; print, brand, commercial, motion design & digital. 

Jax has blended right in at DNA, and in her role, she will be delivering digital and other projects - her current clients at DNA include Mojo and MBIE and CERT.

A self-confessed organiser, Jax admits she loves checking boxes and getting things done well - she also loves working collaboratively and solving large and complex problems. Her working style is, open, honest, and solution focused. Jax is a little obsessed with the colour red - you’ll see.

Outside of work you’ll find Jax editing photos from various travelling adventures, cruising in the sunshine on her bicycle, flicking through a fashion magazine, or dancing wildly on the top of a mountain.



Jax Myers