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Loud & Lola: Brand Extension

Brand Extension: Black Label Spirit Packaging

The Challenge

Loud and Lola's new range of full strength spirits were created by distillers with passion and history. Label and box packaging was required to bring this passion to life.

The Solution

The future is looking all black. The Loud and Lola Black label was devised to provide an aura to this award winning pedigree range. Overglossed iconic repeat patterns were produced for each of the four spirits. The icons embellished the labels to give a subtle black-on-black effect that shimmers when illuminated by angles of light. This embellishment provided solid backdrop and depth to the four neon like colours and type providing high contrast shelf impact.

The Result

This distinctive packaging and brand solution has been a major contribution to booming sales throughout New Zealand liquor outlets. More beverages under the Loud & Lola brand are about to hit the market.

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