Cut to the chase.

Immigration New Zealand

Enabling self-service


To meet inbound migration volume, and to support national and regional talent attraction initiatives, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) needed to simplify visa selection to streamline application, drive self service to improve customer experience, improve completion rates and reduce call centre and over counter use and costs.



> Interaction over information – Design research clarified opportunity for radically simplified interaction

> Improved user experience – Empathy presented a model for self service, streamlined into a more customer focussed experience

> Simplicity and iteration – Prototyping and customer testing tuned content and interaction model

> Lower cost to serve – Improved selection will result in significant support cost reduction

> Value leveraged – Design research insights and applicant motivations shared across the business

> Eliminating complexity – Shifting the complexity away from the user onto the system that supports the experience.



> Self service now a reality for users

> Speed of completion for applications enhanced

> Interaction model makes the complex simple for users

> Content model radically simplifies the UX

> Allows users to easily explore & compare visas

> Users can quickly assess eligibility before delving into the detailed criteria.

The Challenge

How might we achieve more efficiency in Visa applications – for users and the business.

The Solution

> Working with Immigration to unpack/rationalise the complex system serving hundreds of visas

> Eliminate the pain for migrants who struggled to sort through the many visa options and application

> Design a new experience allowing migrants to explore their options, compare visas and find a visa to apply for that best fits their situation and motivation

> Completely rethinking how people discover information and move through levels of detail.

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