It’s all about your money.

BNZ: YouMoney

Customer Experience Design, Ideation + Rapid Prototyping.

YouMoney from BNZ is a groundbreaking service which makes organising and managing your money faster, easier and better. DNA collaborated with BNZ to business case a customer segment specific New Product Development.

YouMoney delivers a new way for customers to understand and manage their money – based on the principle of letting the customer see and use their money individually – the way they wanted and need – rather than the way banks have traditionally allowed them to.



> Target new segments – Experience prototype developed for youth and under 35 segments

> Proof of concept – DNA worked closely with the BNZ digital team to rapidly ideate the proposition, visualise ‘money’ scenarios

> Collaboration – Two week design sprint with combined team from DNA and BNZ

> Speed – Design sprint prototyped user experience to deliver proof of concept for business case.



> Helping BNZ get the project off the ground quickly and with a high likelihood of success

> Business prioritised the features for the Service and built a first version based on consistent testing with customers

> Substantially increased revenue, customer acquisition and customer retention in the segment

> YouMoney is now being implemented as a standard experience for all customers. 



> Developed customer profiles and scenarios

> Developed experience touch-points

> Developed naming and brand experience

> User led approach, lean, collaborative, agile

> Produced prototype for business case and requirements.

The Challenge

How might we design a new banking experience for untapped customer segments.

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