A new beginning

CCM Architects

Brand Strategy + Brand Creation

The Challenge

Well established architecture practise CCM (initially founded as Craig Craig Moller) came to DNA to define a strategy for rebranding the Wellington practise as the two national offices in AK and WN separated. Heading into the future as separate entities, the two firms both needed to forge their own strategies, write their future goals and grow in their respective markets – but both had the right to and needed to leverage the firms illustrious history. The challenge for DNA was to work with the new generation of directors at CCM in Wellington and redefine a brand that forged their future focus, spoke to the firms vision and philosophy but made the most of their past.

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The Result

CCM are recognised as one of New Zealand's leading architecture practices. The firm has grown, is better recognised and has successfully navigated a sensitive transition through ownership change and now works with clients and has a vibrant portfolio across many categories, from infrastructure, health, airports, commercial and residential.

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The Solution

The solution was a fresh and unexpected creative positioning for the firm and the architectural sector. The use of a driving philosophy infused the brand expression and internal cultural evolution may not be unique, but DNA suggested to CCM that they took this further than many others had and to literally wear their philosophy on their sleeves. Three core themes drove the creative execution – clarity, contribution and experience – these values are about the sense of place and use of space in CCM’s work, and above all embody the notion that developments and environments are built for people, and built to endure.

All collateral and communication come in the form of self-expression that conveys the firms values and approach to life and work. Strong imagery and iconry defines the brand articulation today. The launch to staff and customers was led by 3D logos, an internal campaign, an immersive environmental theme, a new site and a launch communication that immersed the user in the firms vision and philosophy. The application of the brand in digital, and all collateral, environments and staff and customer engagement have been delivered.

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