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The Challenge

The AMP Scholarship programme has been helping kiwi's 'do their thing' since 1998. In that time more than 1.2 million dollars have been awarded.the campaign is a foundation for supporting, nurturing and growing great kiwi talent. AMP are committed to the programme and saw the chance to celebrate the success of the programme and the successes of some of the scholarship winners from recent years.

AMP were looking to mark their Scholarship initiative 2011 with the launch of an 'Alumni programme'. The intent was to offer past Scholarship recipients a platform to develop, encourage and mentor aspiring scholarship applicants and recipients. The challenge was in creating an inaugural suite of communication to launch this initiative.

The Solution

From all of the AMP Scholarship winners over the past 13 years, AMP handpicked the 10 inaugural Alumni to launch the new programme. Alumni include shoe designer Katheryn Wilson and Masters Games swimming sensation Katherine Johnstone. Each one has been chosen because, since winning they have continued to excel and do great things. Their stories are of of trials, dedication, prevailing against the odd and a pursuit of excellence. The 10 alumni continue to impress and inspire with their exploits and endeavors, and AMP believed their stories were worth sharing - so they can give pride and provide inspiration to all Kiwis.

Each Alumni tells how they found their thing and found success - the whole document distills the strength of the programme in an inspiring presentation. Select quotes from the Alumni profile sum up the project:

"Don't be afraid to ask for help – you may receive plenty of no's, but then someone like AMP comes along and you find that there are those out there that DO care"- Catherine Johnstone – Masters swimmer.

"No-one is an overnight success. It takes patience, self-belief and a lot of hard yards to make it. Remember: if it were easy, everyone would be doing it" - Christopher Metcalfe -  Sustainable product designer.

"Be singular in your vision and organised in how you plan to execute that vision. Take criticisms graciously, and learn from your mistakes" - Reina Webster – Film maker.

The Result

DNA produced a site and print memento to mark the event. The outsize document had classical production values and larger than life portraits, offered insights and told the stories of each Alumni. 

As a constant reminder of the continued commitment - the halls of AMP offices feature Alumni, and the 2011 Scholarships black tie event featured the Alumni as special guests and their achievements were highlighted to show just how far some had come thanks the AMP scholarship programme.

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