50 people, 2 locations, 24 years old and always curious.

We are a group of passionate and driven designers, strategists, problem solvers, facilitators, makers, doers and builders.

DNA began life in the last month of 1989 and works today at unlocking the value of design thinking and sustainable innovation for businesses and public sector organisations. Today we are focussed on enabling business growth, leveraging customer intimacy, and bringing new products, services, experiences and models to life.

We understand how design thinking can lead organisations to become more innovative so they can adapt, grow and to thrive. We combine capability in customer intimacy and digital innovation to identify solutions and models that will unlock business and user value across service ecosystems. 

We work using proven tools, approaches and processes - including lean, agile, behavioural science technology and design thinking. This is combined with iterative modelling, prototyping and testing to validate assumptions and prove desirability, viability and value.

Our approaches enable speed, transparency, collaboration and clarity on challenges big or small. We work in flexible ways to rapidly define solutions, lower risk, improve user experience and deliver high impact, high value outcomes. 

As a practice, we are constantly changing, challenging, evolving and improving to grow value and extract the most from design for clients and users.